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"We loved that each can came with a thorough information card, explaining the different tasting notes, what temperature to serve the wine, and recommended food pairings"

My two favourites are the Nebbiolo, which is soft and fruity for a Nebbiolo but still authentic, and the off-dry Riesling, which tastes like lime juice and crystallised lemons - Victoria Moore

“Kiss of Wine is one of a number of brands looking to give canned wine an upmarket refresh. Founded to promote drinking wine in small quantities and avoiding waste”

“Kiss of Wine’s new set of six wines in cans is impressive. One of my favourites is Feisty - a cherryish, slightly tart Italian red“ - Susy Atkins

Fruity and dry as a nectarine crossing a desert. Delicious.” - Olly Smith

“Celebrate with Kiss of Wine Dolcetto red, all presented in rather chic, sippable cans

“The great thing is when you find a fruit-driven wine that works great when poured into a glass or drunk straight from the can. The cherry and plum hit of this Dolcetto is just that” - Mike Turner

“Kiss of Wine is the leader, with eight vintage-dated varietal wines from four small-batch producers. Conveniently quick to chill down and easy to slip into a bag or pocket”

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