We explore the benefits of drinking in moderation and how canned wine can help.

Are you starting this new year with a classic health-related resolution to reduce your drinking? After drinking a little too much during the somewhat sad and unique silly season, many people are starting the new year with a health-kick. Enter – Dry January! You may have heard the term or even be participating yourself in month-long sobriety to start the year. For those a little more extreme, Veganuary has also taken off as a new initiative promoting veganism for a month, for both health and environmental benefits. 

We think both initiatives are a fantastic way to start the year, offering participants many health benefits. However, we're also here to tell you that drinking wine doesn't have to be an all or nothing game. And you'll be pleased to know that our Kiss of Wine wines are vegan too! 

Wild, Feisty, Chill, Crisp and Smooth proving that drinking in moderation can be achieved out of a can.


Evidence will support that drastic lifestyle changes are harder to maintain. Instead, small incremental changes are more achievable in the long term, and reducing alcohol consumption is no different. This is where Kiss of Wine can help! Where opening a bottle of wine often leads to wastage or over-consumption, our canned wine range means you can enjoy a single glass of wine with no commitment and no fuss. Better still, we also think drinking wine in moderation can, in fact, be beneficial to your health.

Mental health benefits

This one almost goes without saying. By its very nature, alcohol releases endorphins in the brain, activating feelings of pleasure and reward. Certainly, after-work drinks are ingrained in mainstream society in the UK to help people unwind after a hard day's work. Alcohol relaxes us, and that is before we even get to catch up with that old friend or kick our feet up on the sofa.

Some might even say it is the very social lubricant of society – binding us and facilitating social connection and relationships. Often alcohol provides an avenue or added confidence for social encounters (think, liquid courage). Some studies even suggest drinking in moderation helps reduce the risk of depression. 

So, now we all agree that drinking in moderation relaxes us – let's be clear – drinking in excess intoxicates us. And not only does that become far less fun, it can also be dangerous. 

An entire bottle of wine is excessive. Certainly for one person, and even for two, if you're drinking daily. Thankfully, there is a solution! Canned wine offers flexible wine options letting you give in to temptation that little bit easier and safer! The Kiss of Wine's single-serving canned wine range, all at 250ml and ranging between 11.5% and 12.5%, are reasonable options for drinking in moderation. They fall roughly between 2.8 and 3.2 units of alcohol according to the NHS guidelines.

Other benefits to drinking in moderation

Now, we're not here to say too much about the official medical benefits of drinking wine – we're not doctors – and the information is always changing. However, we can't go without saying that there is a lot of information to support that drinking a glass of wine can positively impact your physical health.

Heart health

Both red and white wine contain plant proteins called polyphenols. There are approximately ten times more polyphenols in red wine than white. There are mixed arguments, but some studies suggest that one of these polyphenols, called resveratrol, can be good for heart health. It may reduce damage to blood vessels, reduce bad cholesterols, and prevent blood clots. 


Resveratrol is also suggested to have anti-inflammatory properties. With inflammation linked to heart diseases, joint problems, diabetes, cancer, or obesity, surely the odd glass of wine can't be a bad thing!  


The polyphenols in red wine are also a powerful antioxidant. These also exist in smaller quantities in white wine.  

So if you're not going cold-Turkey this month, don't worry – we've got your back. Drinking in moderation is more than okay, and full sobriety is not the only way to commence the year. We think wine packaged in single-servings is a nice way to meet in the middle this January as we ease back into it.

Since moderation is the key here, and if you're interested in exploring single-serving wine options this year, Kiss of Wine recommends starting with our six-pack selection

We do, however, think this requires a disclaimer – Here at Kiss of Wine, we only promote responsible drinking habits. We advise against drinking our wines if excessive or harmful alcohol consumption has been an issue for you in the past.