1. The Wines

Absolutely. The wines we've canned are delicious single-varietal wines from small independent winemakers. They could just have easily been packaged in bottle, but in 250ml cans they're easier to transport, better for the environment and mean you can enjoy as a one-off - or try a few different things without needing to open multiple bottles!

We've hopefully done the hard part for you, travelling around Europe seeking out wines that we believe are the best examples of their style. There's lots of information about all of the wines, just click here to find out more, including where they're from, information about the winemakers and the perfect pairings. And if you're still not sure, we recommend choosing our Adventurer subscription. This will give you a taste of all eight of of our wines!

Ever stood in front of the shelf in the supermarket wine aisle and felt too overhwlemed to choose? Us too. That's why we're demystifying wine by using simple language and beautiful design to communicate the taste and style. Think Wild Dolcetto or Crisp Sauvignon.

Yes. This is one of the great things about packaging in can. Firstly, like glass bottles, our cans are fully recyclable. The difference is that cans generate significantly less carbon than the equivalent volume of wine in bottles. An independent survey by Gaia consulting in 2018 (the most comprehensive of its kind!) estimated that the average carbon generated per litre of wine for glass bottles was 675g - and for aluminum cans was 190g. That's two thirds less!

Yes. All the wines are 100% vegan.

Yes. If you have any concerns regarding allergies please email customerhappiness@kissofwine.com

In the winemaking world there are the big guys and the little guys. The guys are the bulk producers, who make wines in vast quantities to supply the big chains and supermarkets. The little guys are the smaller, independent winemakers who create wines according to the unique characteristics of the specific vineyard and vintage. We've intentionally chosen to support the latter, because we believe these artisans create more interesting wines.

2. Placing an order

If you'd like to place an order just head to our shop page where you can choose from our range of wines.

Your wines will be delivered from the Kiss of Wine HQ in London. We use a variety of carriers, the wines typically arrive in 3-5 working days.

Delivery is free for all orders.

We accept all major credit and debit cards including Visa, Mastercard and American Express.

Yes, you can select any combinations of wines you want! (minimum order is 6 cans)

3. Contact US

There are a few different ways you can contact us, depending on what you prefer. We have a form to fill in on the Contact Us page of our website, which sends a message directly to the most relevant person in our team. You can email customerhappiness@kissofwine.com. Or if the "live chat" icon is displayed on your screen, click to speak immediately to a member of our team. However you choose to get in touch, we'll aim to get back to you by the next working day.

4. Terms & Conditions

All our terms & conditions can be found here. They are pretty comprehensive, so you might want to pour yourself a cup of tea / wine before reading through!