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Now you've told us the types of wines you like, it's time to get into the detail of your subscription. Remember that once you've subscribed you'll always be able to amend, and there are no hidden tie-ins.

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You're in control of your Kiss of Wine subscription. You tell us how many cans you want to receive and how often. There are absolutely no tie-ins and you can cancel at any stage.

Kiss of Wine subscriptions are delivered by UPS and will arrive 3-4 days after your order is placed. Your account will be charged for all future subscription orders on the same day each month e.g. if you placed your first order on the 10th of the month, all subsequent charges will also be on the 10th.

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We've travelled around Europe to discover the best wines, from the small winemakers we know and love. They're 100% vegan, lovingly hand-crafted and conveniently wrapped up in 250ml cans. Your selection includes...

Feisty - 12.5% ABV

2016 Nebbiolo from Piedmont, Italy

Winemaker Corrado waits late into the harvest to pick the notoriously tricky Nebbiolo grapes. But boy, it's worth it! Light, fruity strawberries with a naughty hit of pepper. No wonder the locals save it for special occasions.

WILD - 12% ABV

2019 Dolcetto from Piedmont, Italy

Corrado only makes a few bottles of this wine a year, and most are saved for family and friends. Think dark red fruits, red berries and a hint of violet. A wildflower garden in a glass.

First, the elephant in the room...

Can canned wine really taste delicious? The answer is an emphatic "yes" thanks to improvements to can technology (something to do with complex polymers!) and a better understanding of which wines work best in the format. So here are a few more reasons why we think cans are the best way to enjoy the good stuff...


Wine in can is better suited to the way we live our lives. Whether you're taking wines with you to an al fresco event or just don't fancy a full bottle, the small, light format gives you the ultimate flexibility.


Can't decide between red or white? No problem. With cans you can mix it up... 


Aluminium cans are fully recyclable. And because they're lighter and easier to produce than glass bottles, they also generate over 70% less carbon per litre.

Not quite right? 

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